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January 13-March 2, 2019



Supporting Success is pleased to make available a rich educational event to enhance the practice of supporting the success of students with hearing loss in the US and internationally. You will have a full 6 weeks to view sessions 24/7. Tailor your conference experience to view all 6 informative sessions, or only 2, 3, or 4 sessions of your choice. Each session will have one or more activity or discussion elements to engage participants and enhance implementation of concepts.

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View Individually or with Your Group!

View together or from individual locations using your preferred media device. Sessions can be paused for the activities and any time for group discussion. All sessions are captioned.

Deep discounts for groups! As low as $114 for all 6 sessions to only $59 for your pick of two sessions or you can also pick 3 or 4 sessions. Great topics by three speakers are provided at a price much cheaper than hiring speakers to come to you. This is truly affordable professional development!


Choose to attend the full conference of 6 sessions or you can tailor your conference experience and select 2, 3, or 4 sessions of your choice.

Session 1

(90 min)

Meeting Unique Student Needs in Changing Times 

Presenter: Karen L. Anderson

Increasingly, students with hearing loss are not receiving appropriately intensive services to meet their needs or are not being supported by specialists in education of students who are deaf/hard of hearing. This session will discuss these issues, focus and provide strategies for working with administrators and school teams to advocate for appropriate services.

This Professional Studies program is offered for .15 RID CEUs at the SOME Content Knowledge Level.

Session 2

(90 min)

Providing Appropriate Academic Support - Skill Development, Not Tutoring           

Presenter: Lynne Price

A key responsibility of a teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing is to support full participation in the general education classroom by teaching underlying academic support skills. Through the understanding of the three domains of learning and specific skill hierarchies, this session will provide assessments to determine present skill levels and instructional strategies to improve skill development in all areas of curriculum content.

 This Professional Studies program is offered for .15 RID CEUs at the SOME Content Knowledge Level.

Session 3

(120 min)

Teaching Students About Their Hearing Loss and Devices         

Presenters: Gail Wright & Karen L. Anderson

Children who use assistive technology are frequently isolated as ‘one and only’ within their school. They must have the knowledge, language, and social skills needed to manage their technology and explain it to others. This session will provide strategies to support students in developing their knowledge, use, and advocacy for their technology.

This Professional Studies program is offered for .15 RID CEUs at the SOME Content Knowledge Level.

Session 4

(90 mins)

Vocabulary - More Than a Word List

Presenter:  Lynne Price

Vocabulary knowledge is the conceptualization of word meaning based on semantics, context, visualization, and an individual’s prior experience. This session will present ways to develop a deep understanding of word meaning in oral and written language by providing ways to assess competency and teach to mastery. It will discuss word memory and word consciousness as well as three levels of mastery (labeling, sentence, and passage comprehension).

This Professional Studies program is offered for .15 RID CEUs at the SOME Content Knowledge Level.



Session 5

(90 min)

Repairing Communication Breakdowns in Everyday Situations 

Presenters: Karen L. Anderson & Gail Wright

Communication breakdowns happen to everyone, and more so to students with hearing loss. This session
will provide information on ways to assess communication repair needs, and strategies to develop skills. 

This Professional Studies program is offered for .15 RID CEUs at the SOME Content Knowledge Level.

Session 6

(120 mins)

Self-Advocacy in Action: Self-Advocacy and Disclosure 

Presenters: Gail Wright

Students must develop the ability to advocate for their needs. The understanding and effective use of advocacy skills is not achieved through general education academic instruction. It requires specific instruction by someone familiar with the impact of hearing loss on access and communication. Skill development differs according to the student’s age, the amount of prior instruction, and the ability to analyze different situations and advocate appropriately. This session will provide a framework
for instruction, ways to measure progress, and support students at all levels.

This Professional Studies program is offered for .2 RID CEUs at the SOME Content Knowledge Level.

Get Involved!   Share Your Thoughts!

Discussion boards will be open throughout the 6 weeks of the conference, ending in a live Q & A session with the presenter. Participants can post comments and questions for interactive participant discussion. The Q&A sessions will be recorded and posted for review by interested registrants.

Up to 10 CEUs are Available

After viewing a session, each individual must login to take a 3-question quiz. You have two opportunities to pass (2 of 3 correct). Those passing will receive one CEU Certificate of Participation for each session, verifying up to 10 clock hours of professional development.

LSLS CEUs and an ASHA Verification of Attendance sheet will also be available.  CEU credits for CTLE (New York) and RID for educational interpreters have been approved. Application has been made for SHECH (Michigan)*, and Illinois CEUs.   Individuals who attend the full Virtual Conference (6 sessions + activities) are eligible to register for 1 graduate credit through Minot State University for $50.00. 

*Some additional fees may apply


Meet Our Presenters

Karen Anderson

Karen Anderson PhD has worked in clinical, public school and state-level (EHDI) settings and is Director of Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss. Dr. Anderson has received national recognition awards in educational audiology, and speaks nationally and internationally. She is the author or co-author of many practical materials, such as the SIFTER, LIFE-R, and CHILD and co-author of a number of books including Building Skills for School Success in the Fast-Paced Classroom and Steps to Assessment and Editor of the popular e-magazine Teacher Tools to Support the Success of Children with Hearing Loss. She develops free bimonthly Update newsletters that are distributed to 11,000 subscribers.

Lynne Price

Lynne H Price is a twice National Board certified teacher with 37 years of teaching experience.  She is certified in the areas of Hearing Impaired, K – 12 Regular Education, and Reading. She has worked in both residential and public school settings - preschool through high school, and in all settings - separate through itinerant.   In addition to teaching, Ms. Price has served as an administrator for hearing impaired services in the 16th largest public school system in the nation, mentored staff, and developed programming and curriculum. She is the author of Steps to Success ,   COACH, co-author with Karen Anderson on Steps to Assessment and author for the teacher membership e-magazine Teacher Tools to Support the Success of Children with Hearing Loss.

Gail Wright

Gail Wright earned her BS DHH teaching degree, a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, and an Administration and Supervision Certificate.   She earned a certificate in Auditory and Spoken Language for the Young Child. Gail has worked in a self-contained program for students who are deaf and hard of hearing, as DHH Program Administrator - but her first love is as an Itinerant Teacher, teaching all ages and a variety of subjects.  She is currently serving students in two high schools and working in the Transition Program. Gail is the author of the Monkey Talk and Hear It, Fix It games and is co-author of Building Skills for Independence in the Mainstream with Karen Anderson.

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